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? ? ? ? ? ??? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ?Course Features:

Starsplendors’ new Spoken English Program utilizes the highly acclaimed “Everybody Up” series published by Oxford University Press.

Developed through extensive research by the Oxford University Faculty of Language studies, in coordination with experts in ESL Education, “Everybody Up”immerses your child in an English learning experience that is relevant to students’ daily lives. Promoting universal values of friendliness, cooperation, and kindness in a context that is rich with real life situations, students learn and grow alongside the “Everybody Up” characters, whose daily experiences parallel those of primary, elementary, and middle school students


Utilizing the latest Smart board interactive technology, and an abundance of supplementary resources, each of our spoken English lessons is designed to maximize students’ interaction with our International native English Instructors.

*Use the five steps teaching methods to improve the students’ English learning efficiency.

All of our Spoken English Classes conform to the new curriculum reform policy for entrance examinations of secondary school and college students.


? ? ? ? ? ??? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? ? ?The Everybody Up program is filled with rich educational and cultural references that coincide with students regular school studies. Including natural science, social culture, math, art and other subjects, the diverse content of each individual lesson is directly related daily scholastic and family life.

Engaging students with an abundance of games, songs, and colorful illustrations, Starsplendors spoken English program is guaranteed to captivate young English learners as they progress and achieve language fluency.

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