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New Concept English


New Concept Englishis published by LONGMAN, and is one of the most popular and highly acclaimed Language Training series in China.? With a long history of success, training hundreds of thousands of students across China, New Concept English is the most comprehensive Language training course offered in mainland China.? A key feature of its immense success is in the preparation of students for public school examinations. Its emphasis on grammatical deconstruction and explanation in a way that students can understand, in addition to bilingual translations for all new vocabulary and phrases has made New Concept English the standard in English Language Training for Chinese students.? Now in its fourth edition, New Concept English begins with language fundamentals and continues to advanced language concepts. Starsplendor offers instruction for all four levels of this series, with a focus on the 4 primary language learning skills; Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. New concept English is designed for students from grade 4 through University.

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