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Starsplendor Teaching Methodology

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Starsplendor Advantage

Uses Native English teaching theory and concepts to ensure that English is taught the same way it is spoken and understood by native speakers.? We are more concerned with flexibility in using the language rather than teaching static grammatical concepts so students can master the language in a dynamic way.

Our methodology focuses on capturing the interest of students to facilitate an enjoyable learning process.? Having fun learning is a precept of our teaching style and is integrated into all aspects of our program.

By choosing Starsplendor your child will learn English as native speakers do.? Integrating language with understanding and an intuitive feeling of language usage.?

Our classroom format is divided into two halves, 45 minutes grammatical theory and comprehension, and the second half of the class dedicated to speaking and listening comprehension.

Our classic English Training Program is designed to assist students in formal academic study of the language and excel in public school requirements for standard examinations and testing required for university admission.

Flexible classroom settings allow students to choose a program that accommodates a diversity of needs and study schedules.

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