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Online Courses

Starsplendor is the first foreign language training school in the three Northern Provinces to successfully combine online courses with regular classroom training. We offer several language program optionsfor online International Native English Instruction to accommodate a diversity of students’ needs and schedules. Among these online communication courses, students can selectlive audio, video,one-on-one instruction or a combination package customized to meet students individual study requirements.

SSE Online Phone Study Center is the exclusive partner of the Canadian Scaflanguage Center.? Instructors for this program are from Native English speaking countries. In addition to holding a Masters degree, each of our instructorsis an experienced English language instructor with emphasis on ESL education and training.


Learning a language goes beyond grammar and syntax. It encompasses the rich diversity of a cultures history, and the nuances of daily living. Our Instructors offer students the opportunity to experience culture directly, and share the beauty of culture through language.


To try is more than a word,it is an expression of courage. Through the enthusiastic instruction of our international teaching team,students’ overcome their reluctance to express themselves using a language that is not their native tongue.


You will be astonished by your children’s rapid progress. Regular exposure to Standard spoken English with Native English speakers will quickly show impressive results in your Childs ability to communicate in English with ease.



Remarkable dreams, remarkable persistence, remarkable patience, remarkable toughness, remarkable power, remarkable spirit. Your children will achieve these and more in our program.

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