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(school documents pertaining to English studies at SSE.? Students can download these documents to review material from their Premium course studies.)

?1.?????? Grade 7 Class exercises and review.doc

文件类型: .doc e7fcb527f00078889b17d8f92ed64691.doc?(39.50 KB)

?2.? ? ? ??Reach out unit 1-17.doc

文件类型: .doc 45f77a1f9cf1ddb88adc5c8cb02860b9.doc?(46.56 KB)

3.?????? Reach out unit 1-20.doc

文件类型: .doc c8637b2015569d44d68e485f4c40d94b.doc?(34.50 KB)

4.?????? New Concept 1.doc

文件类型: .doc dbbf0aed5617f3b382a35e063ccabf82.doc?(27.50 KB)

5.?????? New Concept 2.doc

文件类型: .doc 7870e4baf3d6a9d6f01a128fa9a3f13f.doc?(36.50 KB)

6.?????? New Concept 3.doc

文件类型: .doc 172982844ab7fac6c79314dd65885393.doc?(76.00 KB)

7.?????? New Concept 1 Reading comprehension.doc

文件类型: .doc f2be959d3b34199d1b248d36c201dd5d.doc?(42.50 KB)

8.?????? New Concept 2 preparation material.doc

文件类型: .doc 43e57f27ade9f02e0373289947165805.doc?(31.00 KB)

9.?????? Phonetic Resources.doc

文件类型: .doc 2cd6bd9095329da6d7a99bdfba31c543.doc?(36.00 KB)


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